Who We Are

We know that having better visibility of processes and systems produces better operational insights, and better insights drive better business decisions. Boxfish was founded to enable organisations by giving them the platform, tools and training they need to make real and permanent efficiency improvements. Furthermore, we’re committed to modernising our own industry by developing and deploying more effective digital solutions.

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What We Do

Scientific & data-driven visibility

We make data visible to measure and analyse your business efficiency and operational performance.

Software that simplifies the complex

Boxfish is a new-generation, fully featured business efficiency solution for automating data capture, analysis and ongoing tracking of improvements.

Expert advice & analysis

We are business efficiency consultants with a proven track record of successfully transforming business operations.

We upskill your people

We provide full training in using the Boxfish SaaS platform and getting the most out of its notable features and capabilities.

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Why call ourselves Boxfish?

We’ve taken our name from a highly efficient marine creature that surprises with the speed and precision of its manoeuvres. The boxfish’s unique hydrodynamics and perfectly calibrated fins allow it to move quickly in different currents, to correct course and respond efficiently to sudden events. This combination of agility and stability resonated with us and our focus as a business – helping organisations improve efficiency and develop the ability to stay on track no matter what happens around them.

Boxfish empowers organisations by giving them the platform, tools and training they need to make real and permanent efficiency improvements.

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Our Executive Team

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Rowan Teh

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Rowan’s passion is combining Lean Principles with Digital Transformations. Prior to Boxfish, he held director-level positions in global management consulting and IT advisory firms. His specialisation is in Asset Management, especially in the Energy & Utilities industry as well as Lean Six Sigma and ERP systems.

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Corneile Britz

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Corneile’s passion is helping organisations create value-added customer-focused solutions. As an avid practitioner of Observability and DevOps, he brings deep expertise in software development and architecture. Boxfish enables him to deliver a new generation of business efficiency to organisations enabled by digital solutions.

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