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Qual IT Strategic Partnership

“What got you here won’t get you there”, is a mantra many organisations live by and is no different today than when Marshall Goldsmith coined it in 2008.

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DigitalOps: Ops or Oops?

It seems everywhere you read now-a-days, ‘Ops’ is being added to the end of words. For years ‘Digital’ ruled the roost so it makes absolute sense to combine the two to DigitalOps 😉, excuse the sarcasm.

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#The Cultural Shift

Another showcase of Boxfish on the global stage! This time, we were excited to be interviewed by Faisal Velani from Velani Consulting.

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Accelerate Business Recovery

Up to 100% government funded services that accelerates your business recovery through Boxfish*. Our focused programme equips your business to improve cashflow and create process and technology efficiencies.

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Boxfish on a Global Stage

Showcasing Boxfish on a global stage! We were excited to be represented at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit (BTOES) iBPM Live Conference on June 23-25 2020.

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