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New Online Platform

New Zealand-based Boxfish is providing a way for SME’s to design their business to be lean using a data-driven online platform.

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Results with a Global Client

Proven results are what Boxfish is about. We’re excited to work with clients such as Transaction Services Group (TSG) to demonstrate the value of using our Boxfish platform to drive process efficiencies.

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Why Name Ourselves Boxfish?

Boxfish is a type of fish notable for its squared and bony features. In its physical form, the box shape resembles a universal format to denote a task/step in process modeling.

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Opportunity for a New Normal

Beyond the horizon an opportunity exists for businesses to embrace a new normal. Companies need to focus on protecting their core business and minimising costs to deliver their products and/or services.

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The Rebirth of Lean

Organisations wanting to fulfil customer needs faster and better, need to shift their focus. Many organisations spend too much time naval gazing their internal operating model and lose focus on the customer.

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