Lean-Driven Testing


Showcasing Boxfish at the Test Automation and Digital QA Summit 2020 on May 28 - June 12 2020.

Organisations are trending more and more towards becoming a Lean Enterprise focusing on value creation for the end customer. Highly efficient organisations understand their entire value chain, working backwards from customer requirement to fulfillment, not the other way around. The focus on optimising the value chain has seen the re-birth of Lean in organisations as a mechanism for motivating a culture for improvements. In saying that, Lean never really went away as the principles have been the basis of many other frameworks such as Agile and DevOps.

The Lean Enterprise approach can also apply to testing to ensure what gets tested is of value to the customer. Many testing approaches target improving how you can test better - through automation tools, scripting etc, but how do you know what to test? A Lean Enterprise approach to testing enables you to focus on testing the right things that matter to the end customer. And it avoids wasted effort on processes that don’t deliver value.

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