Accelerate Business Recovery

Up to 100% government funded services that accelerates your business recovery through Boxfish*. Our focused programme equips your business to improve cashflow and create process and technology efficiencies. This programme is registered with the <strong>Regional Business Network</strong>, a government funded initiative to support Kiwi SME’s.

Some of the areas we will help you:

  • clearly identify key levers in your business to optimise performance (reducing operational cost and complexity)
  • provide practical and action-based improvements to immediately realise benefits in your business
  • identify technologies to automate and better enable your business to transform for future growth
  • upskill with new capabilities to continuously improve your business operations for the future

Register your interest by completing our form in the link below and you will receive step by step instructions, via email, of how to apply:

Register here

*For eligible businesses registered with the <strong>Regional Business Network</strong>.

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