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Brother is synonymous with innovative print and imaging technology, with offices spanning 41 countries. Founded in Japan, the multinational corporation has been operating in New Zealand for the past 60 years. A key to Brother NZ’s success has been its ability to deliver a diverse range of products and services to customers. An innovative offering is their Managed Print Services, which Brother NZ has been leading across Brother internationally. With the growth of products and services, Kerry Hull (GM Business Technology, Brother NZ) initiated a digital transformation journey to enable their operational processes to scale and support their business.

The Challenge

A major challenge for Brother NZ’s digital transformation journey was modernising its core finance and operations to optimise their supply chain. They knew they had to introduce new systems as well as re-engineer their processes to industry leading best practices. But, where to start and how to collaborate with all stakeholders to align to new systems and practices? They needed a solution that provided the approach and means to understand what good would look like in their business to overcome inefficiencies. They found exactly that in engaging Boxfish’s services and platform.

Key Outcomes

Brother NZ is in a position to realise the benefits from their digital transformation focusing on value-add and removing waste. More specifically, Boxfish has enabled Brother NZ to achieve:

  • A clear understanding of their ideal-state from the digital transformation, supported by processes and systems design
  • A central data source with automated analytics for identifying, measuring and tracking inefficiencies in processes
  • An approach that collaborated and aligned stakeholders to clearly understanding their requirements before jumping to a solution

The Boxfish Difference

Boxfish was the chosen partner for Brother NZ offering a unique digital platform for process design as well as services that:

  • Delivered leading industry standard processes as a template
  • Automated the capturing and Lean analysis of processes saving time and cost
  • Surfaced key areas of inefficiencies to generate improvements based on process data
  • Enabled capturing both current-state and ideal-state process design to support change management initiatives with stakeholders
  • Proven methodology supported by deep knowledge and experience of processes and systems

“As part of our Brother Global Strategy, Digital Transformation (DX) is a key strategic driver. In order to ensure our DX investments are focussed and value driven, we used Boxfish to align our future DX investments on Customer and Business value. We have more than achieved this and Boxfish is now considered a key element on our DX journey.”

Kerry Hull (GM Business Technology, Brother International NZ)


Boxfish simply offered a uniquely different and data-driven way of understanding business requirements and generating an ideal-state for a digital transformation. The platform provided a process structure template using APQC’s Process Classification Framework® to align Brother’s processes with an industry standard taxonomy. This provided Brother with a guiding structure for capturing current-state processes as well as potentially value-adding processes universally accepted as industry standards. By following this structure, they could be easily translated into system requirements that many solutions align to.

The Boxfish platform also provided a central source for data capturing and analysis with built-in tools for determining where processes were efficient and inefficient using Lean Value Stream Analysis. This resulted in a clear focus on enabling only value-added activities by replacement solutions. Brother could also easily prioritise requirements based on the amount of value and criticality to the business.

Boxfish is a digital solution and services provider that provides an accelerated approach to gaining process data insights and analytics. The Boxfish platform is becoming the preferred choice to design efficient processes in organisations.

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