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Global software-as-a-service (Saas) company Cin7 helps businesses optimise inventory, lower costs and maximise cash flow using their single platform to automate the sale, purchase and delivery of products across multiple distribution channels. Launched in 2012, Cin7 has experienced rapid success with their platform and are on a significant global growth strategy that has seen them acquire new businesses in 2021.

The Challenge

Centre to Cin7’s success has been their focus on customer experience. The growing demand resulted in significant strain to their internal processes, which have at times struggled to create a smooth customer journey. Cin7 had simply outgrown their processes that weren’t scalable to the desired growth strategy. When Cin7 recruited David Kennedy (Global Chief Operating Officer), he set Cin7 on a course to focus on improving flow of the customer journey with an obsession to customer happiness.

A key enabler for improving flow of the customer journey has been the adoption of Lean and the focus on value streams to measure and remove “waste”. Cin7 looked to Boxfish to:

  • Streamline processes starting with the way customers were onboarded to use Cin7 platform
  • Quickly measure and analyse process data to understand root causes adversely impacting performance
  • Build Lean capability among teams to instil a culture of continuous improvement

Key Outcomes

The key outcomes achieved by Boxfish included:

  • Strengthened customer expectations right from the start by tightening scope on product and services
  • Defined and standardised customer onboarding processes across the team for consistency and scalability
  • Clearly defined the demarcation in processes between Cin7 teams to improve flow in the end-to-end value streams
  • Increased velocity of customers onboarded soon after implementation of improvements

The Boxfish Difference

Boxfish enabled Cin7 to use the Boxfish value streamining platform that:

  • Designed value streams, not just process maps
  • Automated Lean analysis using data insights from process, not based on hunches
  • Pinpointed specific cost of waste in processes to determine the ROI for improvements
  • Rolled-up data across organisational value streams, processes and steps to enable informed decisions on the prioritisation of improvements

Boxfish enabled us to focus on root causes and quickly drive improvements from data insights on our processes. The platform will help us manage and track our process performance into the future.”

David Kennedy (Global Chief Operating Officer, Cin7)

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