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Eastland Group specialises in regional infrastructure: ports, electricity distribution and transmission networks, and electricity generation. Efficient management and accurate reporting on the full lifecycle of assets are essential for Eastland Group, especially as they have interested parties such as the community and significant regulatory compliance commitments across their sectors.

The Challenge

Eastland Group's asset management processes and data involve different departments using different systems. Over time, these processes and data have been impacted by incremental changes to organisational roles, procedures and systems. More recently, Eastland Group implemented a new ERP system, which introduced new processes and a single source of data for assets. As a result, Eastland Group looked to Boxfish for:

  • Streamlining the end-to-end Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Identifying and prioritising process and system improvements
  • Distinguishing roles and responsibilities between departments across processes
  • Identifying key system sources (ERP and GIS) that captures financial and maintenance-related asset data

The Boxfish Difference

Boxfish enabled Eastland Group to:

  • Adopt a Lean approach for achieving value to the business throughout the end-to-end asset lifecycle
  • Focus on essential information required on assets at each stage; from the asset plan through to disposal
  • Consider variations in processes based on different asset classes
  • Seamlessly map business and system architecture of the asset lifecycle
  • Quickly capture a consolidated view of the asset lifecycle stages, information and data, processes, systems and roles.

Boxfish successfully brought key stakeholders throughout Eastland Group together to streamline the end-to-end asset lifecycle. Their knowledge of asset management best practices, utilities industry and our ERP system was essential in driving change among our teams.”

Philip Wallingford (Group Technology Manager, Eastland Group)

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