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“What got you here won't get you there”, is a mantra many organisations live by and is no different today than when Marshall Goldsmith coined it in 2008. In the same way that professionals need to reflect on themselves and embrace change, it must also be relevant at an organisational level.

Qual IT has a successful track record over the last 15 years embracing change from initially specialising in testing services to now broadening to provide independent and integrated Quality Assurance. They have responded to organisations understanding the risks within IT projects, which come from more than just technology alone. Inherent risks also come from ineffective governance, project delivery approach and management of staff and vendors – which builds into our normal sphere of People, Process and Technology. Furthermore, the impact of business risk to processes and people, whilst often given lip service, are rarely considered seriously.

Qual IT has seen the absence of attention on business risk time and time again working with clients on digital transformations of all shapes and sizes. Traditional approaches to managing business risk often comprised of communicating changes at a high-level, missing any detail of actual impact to people and processes, as well as linking and tracking back to the benefits justified from the business case. ß

Business Assurance Enabled by Boxfish

So what have we done? Qual IT wanted to embrace a new way to provide Business Assurance to customers on top of their already successful Quality Assurance services. In a significant move to provide Business Assurance, Qual IT partnered with Boxfish to leverage proven approaches in process improvement enabled by a technology platform to surface and mitigate customers business process risks. Whilst identifying goals, business drivers and focusing on the true Business Need!

Boxfish is a technology and services innovator in-process data analytics. The Boxfish digital platform enables customers to analyse their processes with ease, based on pre-defined metrics to identify where to create value and reduce operational costs. With the latest Digital Twin technology trend, the Boxfish digital platform accelerates the capture of value streams and uses data mining from existing systems to surface “waste” to rapidly improve processes.

Partnership with a Difference

The strategic partnership between Qual IT and Boxfish signifies a step-change for both organisations to deliver Business Assurance services enabled by the latest technology. When engaged with Qual IT and Boxfish, customers can expect business need & risks to be prioritised in their transformation journey by incorporating:

  • Digital twin technology from the Boxfish platform to understand process risks and areas to generate value and to understand the true ROI
  • Lean to reduce process risk and maximise value through waste elimination
  • DevOps observability and metrics to reduce process and system performance risk
  • Identify and drive operational efficiencies through Business Process Governance & Value Realisation
  • Utilising Qual IT’s integrated QA Advisory and Solutions from across our Service Areas including Risk Intelligence

Better Outcomes for Customers

Qual IT and Boxfish’s partnership with a difference enables amplified and optimised Business Assurance outcomes for Customers through an integrated, open, and collaborative approach to achieve real business value. Qual IT and Boxfish go through the journey with customers from the beginning by taking the time to assess the current state, then facilitate through the changing environment and setting up customers for success.

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