Patch Notes

Here we have release all our support notes regarding the software.

Version 3.5.0


New Organisations drop-down

  • The organisations you have access to can now be found in the drop-down field at the top of the screen. You can create a new organisation, by clicking on the plus button from the list. Set Permissions for your Organisation
  • When you create a new organisation, you’re now able to set permissions and give others Admin, Edit or View access. Note: before you give them access, they need to have been registered to the platform. New tabs for showing Organisation, Value Streams and Improvements features.
  • We’ve made the functions a little easier to navigate to, by introducing tabs. All your organisational information such as organisation name, permissions and roles are now found in the Organisation tab. Similarly Value Streams and Improvements are now in separate tabs. New Improvements fields.

Version 2.6.0


  • Introduced a right window pane that can be displayed or hidden to show more optional features. Currently the following features have been moved to the window pane:
    • Improvements and Roles from the Home Screen
    • Filters from the Process Screen.

Version 2.5.2


  • Show costs in each step (calculation based on cycle time x volume x role hourly rate) with tool tip that shows cost of value-added vs. waste.
  • Show costs in each termination (calculation based on total lead time cost x volume) with tool tip that shows total cost of value-added vs. waste.
  • Show tool tip on hours in each termination that breaks down value-added vs. waste hours and volume.
  • Increased size of pie chart in value stream/process/steps.
  • Show rolled-up costs in value streams (calculation based on sum of process costs).
  • Show rolled-up costs in processes (calculation based on sum of total costs in each termination).

Version 2.4.8


  • New move function for value streams and processes left and right to change sequence.
  • New cut/paste function for process steps and decisions within the same and different processes and value streams.
  • Increase timeout to 20 minutes.

Version 2.4.0


  • New fields and validation checks on new user registration screen.
  • New validation checks on organisation, value stream and process screens.
  • Change the process mapping screen to default two rows and expand once more rows are required.
  • Add a reCAPTCHA logic on registration and login screen for added security.

Version 2.3.0


  • Centre buttons in pop-up windows.
  • Allow new sessions to remember if user has already logged in.
  • Disallow the ability to create an organisation, improvement, and role without names.


  • Implemented a consistent menu for editing and deleting in the pop-up window for across all objects.
  • Allow new sessions to remember if user has already logged in.

Version 2.2.9


  • Organisations, Roles, Value Streams, Processes and Steps can all now be deleted. Be careful as there’s no undo currently so the deletion is permanent.
  • Optimisation to improve performance and response times in screens.

Version 2.2.8


  • Automatic timeout has been extended to 20 minutes.

Version 2.2.7


  • Some fields such as volume, value and waste cycle times were saving last entries from other processes and steps when they should be blank. This has now been fixed to remove the values with every new process and step.

Version 2.2.6


  • Value stream process filter for most and least efficient were not working consistently.
  • Allow steps to be deleted.


  • Icon for editing an Organisation has been changed to 3 dots.
  • Value and Waste fields allow decimal places.

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