Service Level Agreement

  • Sunday, Feb 2, 2020

Many companies rely on Boxfish. Just like you, Boxfish is our company’s lifeline. It’s where we make decisions, share designs, debate ideas, and keep up to date on our business. That’s why we guarantee 99% monthly uptime to teams on Boxfish.

What is “uptime”?

“Uptime” refers to the period of time when Boxfish is up and running.

How do I find Boxfish’s uptime?

We make our uptime public here.

What happens if it’s below 99%?

Our Ops team is working so that we won’t find ourselves in that situation. But stuff happens, so we will keep you updated on our progress and when we expect Boxfish to be back online. Now you can get back to your work with the peace of mind knowing that we’ve got you covered.

How do we track that uptime?

We track uptime by measuring the server side error rate along with using server monitoring software to look at results from ping tests, web server tests, TCP port tests, and website tests. Any changes to Boxfish’s uptime are immediately shown on our Status site.

Will this change in the future?

Boxfish may update this SLA once in a blue moon — we’ll notify you about significant changes by emailing the account owner or by placing a prominent notice on our site.

What if I have questions about this SLA?

Please get in touch with our friendly support team at and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Adapted from the Basecamp open-source policies / CC BY 4.0.